Portion Control – do you have it?

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Tweet Today is my 21st day on the 21 Day Fix.  The 21 Day Fix is Beachbody’s program from trainer Autumn Calabrese that offers 30 minute workouts, 7 days a week, for three weeks.  The program also comes with color […]

Hard work pays off!

Tweet Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.  I set a goal to get healthy to be an active part of my son’s life and I achieved my goal with support from the Beachbody community. I was an athlete in hig…h school and my first year of college.  Then I started the […]

Focus T25 has arrived!

Tweet For only 25 minutes a day you can work hard to get the body you’ve always wanted.  If you’re short on time yet still want to get that intense workout in then Shaun T will help you get it done.  Click on the Beachbody Products tab to order yours now.

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Vanilla Shakeology is here!!

Tweet Shakology is the healthiest meal of the day and now comes in 5 amazing flavors: Chocolate, Greenberry, Vannilla, Vegan Chocolate, and Vegan Tropical Strawberry.  Don’t forget to click on the Beachbody Products tab to order yours today!

Asylum 2 Review – Day 17

Tweet Week 3, Day 3 – also known as Day 17 – was Power Legs and Ab Shredder.  This was the first time that Ab Shredder was added into the rotation. Power Legs was great as usual.  The beginning part with all the jumping and agility ladder and resistance bands.  It’s somewhat fun, if you’re […]

Asylum 2 Review – Day 16

Tweet Day 16, or Week 3 Day 2 is Upper Elite for the third time in the program.  Lots of pushups and upper body weight exercises. I achieved a personal goal today and managed to stay on my toes for EVERY pushup!!  I can really feel it in my arms now as delayed onset muscle […]

Asylum 2 Review – Day 15

Tweet Started the second half of Asylum 2 today.  Hard to believe that I’m already on the downhill slope of the program.    And this week I add in Ab Shredder and Pure Contact.  My abs have not stopped working since Day 1, I can only imagine how much they’ll hurt after this week.  But the […]

Asylum 2 Revier – Day 13

Tweet Two week of Asylum 2 are completed!!! Today was my second time with Championship and Sudden Death OT – and I still LOVED every minute of it!  Well, almost every minute. I woke up with a headache this morning and therefore my workout was delayed.  Luckily, this was my first Saturday since August that […]

Asylum 2 Review – Day 12

Tweet Almost halfway through Asylum 2!  Today was the Off Day Stretch day.  I wanted a little more calorie burn so I added TurboFire HIIT 25 first.  This made sure that I got my HR up and jumpstarted my metabolism before I stretched out my already warmed up muscles. Warming up my muscles first allowed […]

Asylum 2 Review – Day 11

Tweet I ran out of time to write up my review this morning, so trying to remember exactly how I was feeling in order to write up a short review. Asylum 2 Day 11 (Week 2 Day 4) is Back and 6-Pack again.  I looked at my notes from last week’s workout and somewhat knew […]